What We Do

We want to do our share in making the world a better place

Improving the quality of communication with the help of modern technology and art is one way of reaching that goal.

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In practice, we draw.

We create hand-drawn whiteboard videos that bring impact to your message and keep your audience captivated. We make videos for the general public as well as for other communication needs. What our videos have in common is that they are straightforward and get the message across in a compelling and concise way.

The best videos captivate the audience by magically combining the story with the visual elements. Do you know the feeling when you can’t bring yourself to put the book down because Frodo and Sam are in a fix? Or the moment in a movie when the hero is about to be cornered? Similar intensity can be applied to other kinds of messages as well, as long as the message is properly defined.


In our age of modern technology, just about anyone can publish anything. Dialogue, as well as communication in general, often gets caught up in insignificant details. The media can also be tricky to follow and messages don’t always reach their target audiences.

Our answer is to offer up-to-date, high-quality communication. Creating our hand-drawn videos and voice-overs takes time and thought. This unique process ensures that the finished product is carefully thought-out and refined.

For you?

Contact us, and let’s examine together whether whiteboard videos fit your needs!

You can also read more about our philosophy.